The Centre for Information Technology in Education, the University of Hong Kong (CITE) has been commissioned by the Education Bureau (EDB) to conduct a research project on “Provision of Services for Conducting the Research Study on the Pilot Scheme on e-Learning in Schools”. The project duration is over three years starting from 22 September 2011 until 31 December 2014. Details of the pilot scheme and the 21 funded projects can be found from the EDB website:


The aims of the study are

  1. To examine the different e-Learning solutions of the pilot project’s from their objectives, curriculum and pedagogical approach, collaborative and sustainability models, research and evaluation elements, to their implementation plans;
  2. To investigate the effectiveness of e-Learning resources in enhancing learning and catering for learner diversity, including the ways that these resources are deployed to achieve learning targets;
  3. To identify good school practices (including pedagogical and logistical practices as well as collaborative partnership and private business models for sustainable development) among the pilot projects, highlighting the relevance, scalability and applicability of these practices under different school contexts;
  4. To account for the relevance of conducive factors, including infrastructure, teachers’ professional capacity, parents involvement / support at home, student’s afterschool learning experiences, school cultural changes, involvement of the business / private markets and user satisfaction / value, etc., for successful adoption of e-Learning in schools;
  5. To develop a framework for benchmarking the benefits achieved and the lessons learnt with indicators on the implementation of e-Learning at both system and school levels in the light of the above findings; 
  6. To compare the research findings on the development of a framework for benchmarking the implementation of e-Learning in Hong Kong with international experiences; and
  7. To recommend strategic directions on implementing e-Learning in schools in relation to the promotion of students’ lifelong education and development of Hong Kong into a lifelong learning society as committed in the Education Reform.


Last modified on 04 Sep 2014